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The Future of Krishna Life

Located in one of North America's fastest growing cities, Atlanta, the Krishna Life Temple will serve as a shining example of a loving thriving Krishna community looks like – a center that attracts sincere people from all walks of life to Krishna consciousness, experience and training in the wonderful Vedic way of life, and building character and genuine loving relationships based on the principles of devotional service.

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An embassy of the spiritual world, the temple room will be the home of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna and Sri Shanti Yoga Narasimha. Designed to look like the interior of an Indian Rajasthani palace, the temple room will be replete with ornate pillars, beautiful paintings and decorative floors, when combined with the spiritual experience of the kirtans, spiritual talks and gorgeous deity worship, will transport one to the land of Krishna.


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Opening Hours

Everyday 4:30am - 9am

Tuesday 6pm-8pm

Contact Us

1776 Sylvan rd SW 

Atlanta, GA 30310


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