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Join us at our Spiritual Sunday Festival where you will find yourself under the spiritual guidance of practiced monks. They will help you experience clarity, inner peace, and a sense of connection to your origin and source.

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Find Your Peace

Discover the secrets of inner peace with mantra meditation, along with experienced monks. 


Find Your Happiness 

Find your highest bliss through transcendental sound wave. 

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Find Your Wisdom

Find Connection

Powerfully navigate through the difficulties of life with practical spiritual knowledge.  

Develop deep spiritual relationships with like minded people. Grow spiritually with others.

Who are we?


What is Krishna Life?

Krishna Life is not a sectarian religion , it is a branch of the Hare Krishna Movement which teaches the universal science of Self-Realization.  It is not based on blind faith but on proper inquire of the soul. Misidentification with this body is the root cause of anxiety, stress, depression and dissatisfaction. It's similar to a fish identifying as a human being, he cannon have the satisfaction he desires. The core philosophy of Krishna Life give the practitioner, knowledge and practical realization about his eternal position as a soul in relation with  Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead. 

The teaching and practices of Krishna Life are directly conducted under the guidance of his Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. 


What is our purpose?

 The hard struggle for existence bought about by the 9-5 or the intense "grind" leaves most people frustrated and despondent. It's not a surprise that the pursuit of happiness is only, a pursuit, like the mirage in the desert. Therefore, we provide personal guidance every step of the way in your spiritual life.  you come to a blissful position.

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1776 Sylvan Rd SW.
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